Thursday, December 4, 2014

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The Danes are famous for their beautiful Christmas decorations. Have you ever walked through Nyhavn in Copenhagen at Christmas? The quayside is transformed into a winter wonderland and festooned with fairy lights and fir tree branches. Christmas market stalls line the quay and the aroma of roasted chestnuts, almonds and gløgg (mulled wine) fills the air. This danish home is a fine example of how beautifully Danes decorate for Christmas. Every single room has a touch of the festive spirit, even the bathroom and I love the rustic festive feel. 

Bo Bedre via Decorator's Notebook with thanks
Is there any Christmas inspiration you'll be taking from this home?

I love how presents are dotted around the house, although I think the temptation might be too much for my little girls! I also love the irregular shaped Christmas tree - so pretty! For more Christmas tree inspiration I love this 'pared-back style' or for a modern touch - these very fun christmas tree alternatives

Here are a few snaps I took of our Christmas tree last year. We always go out to a place in the forest where you are allowed to chop down your own tree, it's one of my favourite days of the year. 

One present I'll be buying this Christmas (look away now brother-in-laws) is a gift card for a tailored t-shirt from Son of A Tailor. Basic tees will continue to be big in the style stakes for 2015 and this Copenhagen based company offer the perfect opportunity to 100% tailor your own classic organic cotton t-shirt - even the gift card itself comes beautifully packaged. Such a perfect present don't you think?! 

Have a great day! 

PS does anyone know the full credits for these images, I'd love to update the post? Thank you. 
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According to Marty Neumeier, "the main purpose of branding is to get more people to buy more stuff for more years at a higher price." For beginning entrepreneurs, brand building is an important part of firmly establishing your business within the market. If your business has poor brand recognition, or if you promote an inconsistent brand, you may lose or even alienate some of your best customers. Here are a few basics to help you get your brand off the ground if you are starting from scratch.

What is a Brand?
To put it simply, a brand is an abstract idea that represents what your company stands for. This idea manifests itself in the business actions that you take and are expressed in the way in which you take those actions. Consider for instance, two World-Famous brands in a similar market, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. When you think of The Beatles, you picture four guys with goofy haircuts, that are generally warm, lovable, and safe. On the other hand, when you think of The Rolling Stones, you picture a group of rude, dangerous, unwashed ruffians. Two bands with completely different brands.
Where to Begin
The most successful brands begin by focusing on the company's strengths. Start by thinking about what you are good at, relative to your competition, as well as your core values or what you believe in. For instance, do your products feature a better design? Are your operations more environmentally-friendly than your competitors? Branding is all about finding those differentiating factors in your products or services that really make a difference to your customers.
Building the Brand
Once you have a good idea of what differentiates your business from others in your marketplace, it is time to start consistently promoting it. To do this, you need to focus on serving what your customers desire most, and guaranteeing your ability to deliver that benefit to them. However, promoting an inconsistent brand at times can be as bad as not having a brand at all. Every point of contact you have with your customers, from phone calls, to in-store visits, to letters, to emails, need to consistently promote your brand.
This may mean crafting graphics and ad copy for a variety of media, such as television, radio, online, and mobile. However it should also include creating elevator pitches for your salespeople and training the entire organization in basic public relations and consistent brand promotion.
Managing the Brand
Once your brand has firmly been established, your job is nowhere near over. Consistently monitoring your brand strategy, or hiring a qualified branding agency to do it, has several benefits. For one, you are guaranteed to not have any lapses in your brand, secondly, hiring a branding agency can help you stay ahead of trends, developments, and current events that relate to your business, allowing you to capitalize on each as an opportunity to further promote and strengthen your brand.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Good morning! I do love the middle of the week, although I've got so much to left to do before the weekend. How about you?! Speaking of graft, I'm often thinking about how important my work environment is.  I'd absolutely love to sit in an uber cool creative studio.  This industrial style studio bathed in light, belongs to Sara Bergman, children's book illustrator and creative force behind online shop and interior styling company Love Warriors in Stockholm. Exposed brick work,  vintage industrial finds, concrete flooring and rustic wood  combine to make up a space a space in which Sara can create.  

Sara N Bergman of Love WarriorsResidence magazine. Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson. Post inspired by Coco Lapine with thanks. 

Could you work here? I most definitely could! What a space?

Interestingly while the space is teeming with vintage finds, the desk space is made up of a few pieces from IKEA including the ALEX draw unit and FORSÅ desk light (which I also have in my home office). Etsy is one of my favourite sources for vintage industrial lighting (it's where I found my treasured scissor light). For pendant lights I like the black E27 suspension light from Muuto.

For more studio / office space inspiration I'm loving this, this and this one. Or if you have a small home office I love this work space of a Finnish blogger.

Before I shoot off I also wanted to introduce you to ReStyle Shop on Etsy. If you love Scandinavian mid-century or geometric prints you'll love this online shop selling art created by Czech Republic graphic designer Jan Skácelik. I especially love this one and this one.

I think it's definitely time for some Christmas inspiration tomorrow don't you? Pop back for some very cool Scandinavian inspired festive decorating ideas! See you then!